nicki, australia. is your bed made? is your sweater on? ♛
Anonymous asked:
music recs?

pls my music taste is fucked bc i never discover new music so i listen to the same things FOREVER

recent faves:

  • the paper kites - woodland (i rediscovered them lately and willow tree march is sooo good please).
  • josé gonzález - cycling trivialities and heartbeats.
  • vampire weekend - M79, cape cod kwassa kwassa, step and cousins (but everything really).
  • vance joy - all of ‘dream your life away’ but especially play with fire and riptide (banger).
  • alt-j - everything tbh but especially matilda, breezeblocks, something good and fitzpleasure.
  • willow smith - easy easy (cover).
  • nicki minaj - anaconda.

general faves:

  • lana del rey - serial killer.
  • sky ferreira - red lips, everything is embarrassing and werewolf (i like you).
  • one direction - rock me and through the dark.
  • mumford and sons - home and white blank page.
  • arctic monkeys - why’d you only call me when you’re high?, do i wanna know?, 505 and cornerstone.
  • little mix - wings, stand down, a different beat and dna.
  • toto - africa.
  • yann tiersen - la noyée, sur le fil and la valse des monstres.
  • angel haze - summertime sadness (cover).
  • georgia fair - all of ‘all through winter’ and ‘georgia fair’ but especially baby blues and time.
  • pink floyd - wish you were here.

"The policies of the Jacobin Committees had, after all, been endorsed by the deputies of the Convention. Perhaps this is why he has been so vilified: in holding one individual culpable for the ills of the Terror, French society was able to avoid looking into its own dark heart at that traumatic moment. Robespierre, you might say, took the rap."

- Marisa Linton, “The Politics of Virtue in Enlightenment France”