baby: d-d-d-d
dad: daddy?
baby: destroy capitalism
karl marx: nice



so tired w/ such low self-esteem rn but i was tagged by artechoke and fesbian to do this 6 good selfie thingy idk (this is more of a hair chronicles really but make of it what u will)

im gonna tag lehnsheirr, sunnydales, del0reangray, havesaxwithme, plainoldwillow, pearmold 


6 cute selfies ~~ tagged by lornamorelloh fesbian artechoke
yeah so basically i’m just a pale girl with sad eyebrows 👌
also ok I know so many of u guys have already done this but
sheeyeffinit aroseforemilyeileen browngir1 angelglows del0reangray enchantedand-repelled perksofbeingsherlock beatels
plate up


six great pics // tagged by amelia asleeptired and tilly fesbian

gonna tag nicki lehnsheirr, jen plainoldwillow, soph sunnnydales, lucy lornamorelloh, may pearmold, emily aroseforemilyeileen

omg i realised that’s my first selfie on my remade blog


the sky is so unreal right now